Paintball Games & Parties

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Recreational Play

Warriors for Christ can host your private paintball party, and we are hosting fundraisers throughout the year at various locations (primarily Fellowship Baptist Church on Hwy 301).

Get our Waiver HERE.

Warriors for Christ encourage anyone that is 10 yrs old and up to come out and play. Come out and learn the game of paintball, team work, make some new friends and fellowship. We host birthday parties and other groups who seek to have some fun and build teamwork skills. Plus don’t forget, all the funds from our games go to charity – so have fun, and get shot for a good cause – how cool is that!

If you are underage, you will need a parent to sign our waiver to play.



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Tournament Competition Play

Warriors for Christ fields paintball teams for competition tournaments.

In the last twenty years, the sport of paintball has changed dramatically. No longer just played for fun in the woods, the game has morphed into a sport that brings tens of thousands of spectators to the top events in the country. At events around the country, hundreds of teams compete in arena’s the size of basketball courts. Tents create avenues behind the fields – housing vendors in what has become a multibillion-dollar industry.

The competitive paintball these boys are playing is not what most people envision when thinking about the sport. It is a fast and furious game requiring a delicate combination of finesse, courage, and tactical skill. But what of spiritual skills? In a sport dominated by teams named Army of Darkness and Pure Evil, the Warriors For Christ and Country (WFC2) are a light in a dark world. “But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 NIV

The Warriors for Christ are a group of Christian paintball players that desire to advance the Kingdom of God by taking the Gospel to the paintball community. We endeavor to be a living example of God’s word and share Jesus with others as we are presented with opportunities to do so. WFC2 also strives to help paintball return to being a wholesome atmosphere.  Contact us for more information about this exclusive team!