Father Son a Stinging Success!!!

February 2, 2013 – Baylife Church, Brandon Florida


Duck Dad, I got this!

Saturday dawned bright, crisp, an clear as parents and kids got ready for another awesome day of paintball.  Volunteers were at things even earlier, picking up equipment and setting up for the day of fun.  It is not possible to thank our volunteers enough, as they are diligently serving so that others can have fun!  With more than 50 playing, there was a ton of fun for certain, with some great play and terrific sportsmanship.

Perhaps the coolest thing of the day was an exchange between a volunteer and father, who was out playing with his boys for the first time.  In between games, sweat running from his forehead and a big (very kid like!) smile on his face, the father was already talking about doing it again with his boys – and could hardly agree more when the volunteer noted that the memories being generated today will last, quite literally, a lifetime.  If you are a parent reading this and haven’t played with your kid, do it!


Don’t worry Dad, I got your back.

Thanks so much to Brenton, the Baylife High School Pastor, for coming out and sharing with us at lunch, and again, thanks to all the volunteers who make this possible.  Our motto is Selfless Service, so I don’t have to call all of them out, for their hearts are pure and they know who they are, and what they do!!!  God bless you all!


I can handle this son!


Where are they Dude?

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